X-Factor UK 2015 Controversy: After ‘Fixing’ Issue, Show Now Considered Racist?

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X-Factor UK 2015 is now facing another controversy this season.

Louis Walsh, former judge on British television talent show ?The X Factor? and Rita Ora, current judge on the show are both considered as racists by the ?X Factor UK? viewers.

According to australianetworknews.com, Walsh mentioned the 4th Impact girls as ?pointless.?The reason behind him saying so was- he thought the viewers would vote for the all-Filipino girl group. Whereas Ora let out her thoughts while choosing between Lauren Murray and 4th Impact who she thought needed to go home in the show?s Week 5 Elimination.

According to movienewsguide.com, it looked like the fans were not concerned anymore because their focus of attention was Ora?s allegedly discriminating comment towards the four Filipina sisters.

?For me, I?m going for the person who?s an artist, who can sell records?who?s been proved selling records already on iTunes, who for me I can envision with an album, I knew has an incredible voice and I think standing on your own is way more powerful? I think there?s a future for Lauren.? ?Rita Ora

When the viewers started to backlash the 25-year-old singer?s opinion, Twitterverse went insane.

On the other hand, Walsh commented while speaking to BANG, ?I don?t see the point of the four girls from wherever they?re from. I don?t know who?s going to vote for them. Where are they from? They?re really good but I just don?t see the point.?

?Louis Walsh referred that the girls are talented but they need to go home ?wherever they are from,? reported Mirror Online.

The entertainment manager said that he thinks singer Louisa Johnson will win the battle in this year?s ?X Factor? season. On the other hand, Louis Walsh admitted that he saw crooner Che Chesterman as a threat to Louisa.

A source from ITV told Mirror Online claimed Louis Walsh?s comments on 4th Impact to be irrelevant as the group made it to the quarter-finals of the ?X Factor? this season

Some viewers didn?t like the way ?X Factor? judge Simon Cowell addressed the 4th Impact girls on ?Jukebox? week. As mentioned on Metro, it appeared that Simon ?forgot? the names of the girls.

When Cheryl interrupted him asking who he was referring to, he told sisters Almira and Mylene, ?Vocally that was ? and B? The ?X Factor? boss pointed at the two girls and said, ?B ? A, B. B, your vocal was absolutely outstanding at parts.?

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