The X Factor Finalists 2016: Are Matt Terry and Nicole Scherzinger Dating?

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Matt Terry and Nicole Scherzinger

It?s almost the end of the road and The X Factor Finalists 2016 are lined up, ready to take the ?100K prize. Matt Terry, Saara Aalto and 5 After Midnight are the three finalists who have made it through so far.

The bookies all seem to be rooting for Matt, who had to battle it out in a sing off with Emily Middlemas last week. Saara who has been consistently on the bottom during her first weeks in the competition has now risen to become the crowd favorite as well.

Matt Terry and Nicole Scherzinger dating?

More than the competition though, Matt seems to be winning with his coach Nicole Scherzinger. She has been giving her all out support to the only boy left on her watch. Weeks ago on elimination night, Simon Cowell looked aghast when Nicole straddled Matt onstage on results night.

On another week, Nicole had taken Matt out to a theme park on their playback video. It would?ve been ok, until all other contestants didn?t have a day out with their respective coaches, but had instead spent the day with their friends, family and even their country?s embassy!

In a sneakpeak from The X Factor?s Facebook page, a short clip featured a brief interview with Matt and Nicole.

?I went back to my old work, I went back to my old flat; Nicole surprised me,? gushed Matt. ?There she was, hot cup of tea, on my sofa, [wearing a] onesie, and it was just incredible.?

What happened after, Matt?

Saara Alto is Dark Horse

Meanwhile,?Saara?undeniably The X Factor Finalist 2016?s dark horse, is turning up to be the favorite to win. According to Express UK, she could cause the ?worst bookies? upset in history.? Saara has had to endure sing offs thrice to be able to stay in the competition. Being Finnish in the midst of Brexit, she herself cannot believe that she is gaining British fans.

Saara?s journey in the competition has been a rollercoaster ride. Initially a wild card, she was clearly not Sharon Osbourne?s favorite at first. Sharon kept on forgetting Saara?s name whenever she had to introduce her in previous performance nights. However, on Saara?s performance last week where she wowed everyone with her rendition of ?The Winner Takes it All,? Sharon was in tears. She couldn?t even give a proper comment after Saara?s outstanding performance.

Who among The?X Factor Finalists 2016?will win this year? Are Matt Terry and Nicole Scherzinger dating?

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