Wynonna Earp Season 2: Wynonna?s Past To Be Revealed & More Reasons Why Season 2 Is A Must

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Wynonna Earp Season 2 is still waiting to be confirmed but after the freshman season?s cliff-hanger in the finale plus some more questions that need answers, everyone would totally agree that Season 2 is a must.

The new female-driven horror fantasy series from Syfy earned rave reviews but somewhat suffered because of low viewership. So it?s still uncertain that we will get a second run, but there are really a lot of reasons why Season 2 is a must.

Wynonna?s past to be revealed

Even though Wynonna is the main character, we still don?t know everything about her, especially her past. If we ever get a second season, then surely more of Wynonna?s past will be revealed.

When we first saw her arrive in her hometown in Purgatory, it was clear that not everyone in town likes her and that she also had her time at the juvie and in psychiatric care.

The particular details of her misadventures during her younger years are still a bit hazy but it looks like she may have committed a major felony way back, Movie Pilot writes. The story of her past is a perfect plot point for Season 2!


We need more Waverly Earp!

Wynonna?s younger sister, Waverly, instantly became a fan-favorite in the show for constantly trying to prove to her sister that she?s no longer the little girl she used to be, and that she could really kick some serious ass.

However, it was revealed that Waverly isn?t actually an Earp. But the cliff-hanger at the Season 1 finale appears to show that she?s still really special. In the final moments of the finale, Waverly touched a puddle of black goo and seemingly got possessed by an unknown entity. She pulls a gun out and the scene fades to black, a gunshot is heard in the distance.

We definitely need to know who Waverly really is and what happened in that final scene.

There are still more questions that need to be answered, but right now, what we want to know is whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season.

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