Wynonna Earp Season 2: Cast Hint On Plot Twists For Waverly, Dolls, Doc Holliday, & Others

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Wynonna Earp Season 2 will be premiering next year on Syfy and fans and the cast are beyond grateful that the Western supernatural drama got a shot at another run. Despite suffering from low ratings in the first season, the show gained a loyal and passionate fan-base that made the renewal possible.

So what?s next for our favorite characters in Season 2? The cast hints on plot twists for Waverly, Agent Dolls, Doc Holliday, and of course, Wynonna.

As recalled, Season 1 ended with a cliff-hanger with Waverly touching a poodle of black goo that could possibly make her evil considering the fact that it was revealed that she isn?t actually an Earp.



Was Waverly possessed? ?

Actress Dominique Provost-Chalkley said that there are so many possibilities for her character next season. In an interview with GeekDad, she was asked what she thinks could happen with her possession. ?There?s so much. Well, there?s Waverly who?s so invested in the Earp legacy but who might not be an Earp,? Provost-Chalkley said. ?And there?s the possessed Waverly. Maybe she doesn?t know she?s possessed and her natural anger comes out. Maybe she doesn?t realize she?s over the top. But, obviously, that will affect her relationships.?

Will this ?possession? affect Waverly?s relationship with her sister? How about her relationship with Officer Haught? Could she actually be one of the 77 Revenants?

We will know more about Agent Dolls? past

As recalled, Dolls was arrested at the end of the first season. Actor Shamier Anderson said that his character will take things ?one step at a time, processing what can happen to him.?

He adds that Dolls is a master manipulator so we might see him use it to his advantage. The actor also said that he would love to see how his character became a member of the Black Badge division. But he is mostly hoping for a prison break from his friends, including Doc Holliday.



Did Waverly shoot Doc Holliday?

When Waverly got somehow possessed because of the black goo in the finale, she suddenly pointed her gun at Wynonna and Doc and a gunshot was heard. Actor Tim Rozon said, ?At the end, there?s a gun pointed at two characters and one of them is Wynonna Earp, and the other one is me. That?s not good for me!?

Did Waverly shoot someone in those final moments? Was it the Doc? In addition, Rozon said that he wanted to play the character so bad that he?d do it for free. So, knowing that the show just couldn?t kill off Doc Holliday, right? We hope so.

What will happen to Wynonna and her relationship with her sister?

Melanie Scrofano talked about how the Season 1 finale cliff-hanger could change a lot between her character and Waverly. ?Wynonna and Waverly weren?t close as kids,? she said. ?That was all Willa/Wynonna, and then Waverly was cast aside when I [Wynonna] left Purgatory. They come together as the season progresses. And now? it?s going to mess with them again if Waverly isn?t an Earp. That would be very destructive to their relationship.?

Do you think Wynonna will still accept her sister when she finds out the truth? The show is significantly about the relationship of the sisters. We saw how much they bonded in Season 1 and we might possibly see some big changes in Season 2.

What do you think? Are you excited for Wynonna Earp Season 2? Keep an eye out for more news, updates, and spoilers here on TheBitbag!

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