WWE Survivor Series 2016: Shane McMohan Really Injured During the Match?

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WWE Survivor Series 2016

Fame at wrestling entertainment comes at a cost. The cost of getting hurt if things go wrong. John Wooden penned a suggestion for getting fame, ?Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man given. Be grateful. The conceit is self-given. Be careful.? The humble sayings come true for Shane McMahon as he was seriously injured at WWE Survivor Series 2016.

Shane McMahon was completely destroyed by Roman Reigns as he hit him with a spear. The referee even stops counting as he had sensed something has gone horribly wrong in the ring. Was this just a part of the gameplay, or was the famous wrestler seriously?hurt?during?the match? Let?s discover the entire story.

Why is WWE Silent?

Whenever the WWE planned an injury on the ring, the authorities never fail to give updates about the recovery of the wrestler. Planning an injury is a trick for WWE to gain extra attention and engagement from the audience. And the when the injury is real, the authorities keep silent to avoid any kind of outrage and controversy.

In Shane McMahon?s case, WWE is silent since the wrestler was injured on set.?Plus?there?s no official statement about the recovery of the wrestler. It seems that the WWE is figuring out what has gone wrong that night.

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Randy Orton?s Consolation to Shane?s kid

Another clue that the wrestler was seriously injured is Randy?s consolation to his son. As soon as he sensed that the stunt had horribly gone wrong, he headed towards Shane’s son and consoled him that everything will be fine. ?Orton even took to Twitter to clarify that things had gone sideways.

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Shane McMohan

Fans even shared the experience

Apart from the referee warning the backstage medical team, the entire audience have sensed that the wrestler has suffered from a real injury. One of the Reddit users even shared his WWE Survivor Series experience where Shane was hurt.

This is what he shared, ?I was sitting facing the hard camera. Ref tried to communicate with them and immediately pressed a button on the back of his belt to alert backstage that something was going on. He was definitely legit hurt.?


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