WWE Survivor Series: Nikki Bella Attacked Backstage at Survivor Series; Carmella and Natalya Team Up To Kick Off Nikki?

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WWE Survivor Series

Although the Goldberg vs Lesnar 5-minute match is making headlines these days, there was a lot of ongoing storylines with the other matches. Recently, the Nikki Bella and Natalya match was kept on hold, as someone attacked Nikki Bella backstage. The attack created mystery amongst the wrestlers, the fans, and the authorities as well.

Nikki worked hard to return to the ring after ten months of complete bed rest for her neck injury. She had to face off against Natalya in order to get a slot in WWE?s Smackdown Women?s team. According to reports, Nikki is expected to win and kick out Natalya from the match. But Nikki wasa no-show for the match and Natalya was declared the winner. Let?s discover what had happened backstage with Nikki.

WWE Survivor Series drama: Was the Attack Organized by Carmella?

Bella and Natalya have to fight to be included in the WWE Smackdown. Just a few minutes before the elimination match, some unknown attacker took Nikki and locked her up in the room. As Bella was not able to appear for the match, Natalya was declared the winner?by default.

According to speculations, Nikki believes that the attack was organized and conducted by Carmella, as she wanted Natalya to be included in the Smackdown. Besides, Carmella was not so happy with her role as the Team Smackdown?s women coach. But a new talk from Wrestling?News suggests that neither Natalya or Carmella was responsible for the attack. There is some third party for the attack.

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Did the WWE create the storyline?

It is possible that Nikki was intentionally removed from the elimination match because she already suffered from?neck injury. Plus,?she’s also taking part in four matches after Survivor Series 2016.

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The WWE did not want her to re-injure her neck and so they removed the lady wrestler. It is possible that the WWE itself planned the backstage attack as a storyline element for the safety of the wrestler.

Stay tuned to know the real face of Nikki?s attacker at TheBitBag.

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