WWE Survivor Series: Why Did Goldberg Defeat Lesnar so Quickly?

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Goldberg vs Lesnar is the most anticipated match of the WWE Survivor Series. Fans have been waiting for a month to see a furious fight between two of the most popular giants of the wrestling world.

The famous wrestlers Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar came face to face at the WWE Survivor Series Sunday night. The audience were?quite disappointed to see only a 5-minute match between the super wrestlers. Goldberg defeated Lesnar in just 5 minutes. What? That?s very disappointing for the fans who?have waited for a month for this most anticipated match.

Is Goldberg health a reason for the 5-minute match?

It is possible that Goldberg wasn?t able to perform the entire match because of his poor health and stamina. The professional wrestler already in?his 50s is said to be?struggling to maintain his health for so long.

Recently, in an interview, he disclosed that on last week?s Monday Night Raw, he hurt his shoulder and was feeling very bad. ?He shated?his horrible accident?saying,??My body feels horrible. I tweaked my shoulder last night. But that doesn?t mean in five days that I?m not going to come out kicking ass and taking names like I always do.?

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Is this Goldberg?s last match with Lesnar?

Another possibility for the quick fight is that this is Goldberg?s last fight with Lesnar and he will not fight again with the wrestler in future. It is said that the fight was planned by the authorities and they wanted Goldberg to win.

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Besides, Goldberg?has just signed a deal to appear in Royal Rumble, which indirectly affected the results and performance of his match with Lesnar. On the other hand, Lesnar is getting viral sympathy for becoming the victim of this game. The messages and tweets shared by Lesnar?s fans made it very clear that the fight is fixed and Lesnar is just a victim.

Who knows the game that Raw is playing with the viewers?

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