WWE Smackdown: Will James Ellsworth Defeat AJ Styles to Get the WWE World Champion Title?

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WWE Smackdown

AJ styles, the current world champion, is now facing a new threat to retaining his World Champion Title. WWE has officially declared that AJ Styles will have to rematch to retain his current title on December 14th 2016. The best wrestler of 2016 will now have to face James Ellsworth to protect his title at the WWE Smackdown.

The match was originally scheduled for December 13th, but postponed as AJ Styles suffered a minor ankle injury during the WWE TLC match. Since then Styles has not wrestled in any main event of WWE. And now the WWE has officially fixed the match to retain the title.

James Ellsworth Vying?for the WWE World Champion Title

AJ styles is the aspiring wrestler as he worked hard to be the world champion twice. Previously, AJ Styles had to defeat Dean Ambrose to retain his title in a WWE TLC match. AJ Styles was able to retain his world Champion title because James Ellsworth helped him by dropping off Dean from the ladder.

It is ironic that James Ellsworth had helped Styles to retain the title from Dean Ambrose on WWE TLC and now challenges AJ Styles for retaining his title. The match will be a spectacular one for the fans as they loved to see matches of friends turned foes.

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AJ Styles suffered Ankle Injury

AJ styles suffered a minor ankle injury while performing in a WWE TLC match last week. Styles suffered the injury when Dean threw him out of the ring for grabbing the World Championship title. Styles was not able to perform in many main events because of his ankle injury.

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WWE Smackdown James Ellsworth VS AJ Styles was scheduled for December 13th, but AJ Styles was not able to recover from his injury. Will luck support Styles again or will Ellsworth become the World Champion?

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