WWE Smackdown: AJ Styles Removed from the WWE Smackdown Events, Official Documents Leaked

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WWE Smackdown

AJ Styles is making headlines these days for his absence in WWE Smackdown. After suffering an ankle injury on WWE TLC match, AJ Styles retained his low profile by not showing up at WWE events. After the WWE Smackdown trailer, it is speculated that AJ styles was removed from the WWE.

Now the?Smackdown officially declared that AJ styles was removed from the WWE Smackdown events. The official documents from the company were leaked online. Let?s discover why AJ Styles was kicked out of WWE Smackdown events.

AJ Styles removed from lineup?due to ankle injury

AJ Styles was not able to make a presence for his matches in WWE Smackdown. The world champion has failed to make an appearance in two weeks. Lastly, he appeared for the WWE TLC match against Dean Ambrose.

AJ Styles suffered an ankle injury. While facing off, Dean Ambrose threw him out of the ring in a WWE TLC match. Although AJ Styles was successful in retaining his title with the help of James Ellsworth, he was unable to appear in the rest of the matches organized by WWE.

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WWE Documents Leaked

AJ Styles was removed from the WWE Smackdown events as reported by Huffington post. As the world champ was removed from the team, this caused panic for the rest of the wrestlers. It is possible that his absence resulted in his elimination from the team.

Although the documents described that the world champion was no longer included in any match of the Smackdown, the website is still showing a match between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose, as per Wrestlezone. Let?s see if the match card will be changed at any moment.

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AJ styles and James Ellsworth match postponed

AJ Styles was the world champion twice. He?s the wrestler who beat Dean Ambrose and John Cena and became the champ of WWE. The question is, why would the champ not able to compete just because of a minor ankle injury?

AJ Styles and James Ellsworth?s match was postponed twice last week. Fans had been waiting to watch the friends-turned-foes match in WWE Smackdown, but they were left wanting as James couldn?t appear due to the flu.

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