WWE Rumors, News: WWE To Be Sold To UFC? Is The Deal Imminent?

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There are WWE rumors that a chance of the company being sold is imminent. The idea of the WWE being sold is influenced by the change of ownership of the UFC. UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is very similar to WWE. They are both in the same category, Combat-Sports.


UFC was sold to William Morris Endeavour or WME IMG by the previous owner, Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo. A few years ago, the idea of WWE rumors of being sold is impossible. The rumors was not even taken in consideration. WWE?s CEO is getting old, these WWE rumors might be true.

WWE Rumors, WWE also to be sold?

However, a lot of things happened. The annual revenue of WWE as of today is bigger than the UFC, even if the UFC is more profitable. Economists analyzed the UFC?s selling price and stated that if UFC was sold for $4 billion, it will be possible for WWE to be sold for $3-$3.4 billion.

Using the same type of valuation, it was stated that UFC has an EBITDA of $200 million. While WWE was different, $68.7 million. An analyst named, Eric Katz stated that because of the live viewership, contents in the sports industry has a substantial profit.

McMahon sold 1.55 million shares

CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon stated that he doesn?t have any plan on selling any more of his shares. An estimated $32.5 million was sold, it was 2% of the WWE?s ?Class A and Class B shares. Vince McMahon still has the biggest ownership, about 47% of all the shares.

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WWE rumors of being sold are still solid. It could happen anytime and may affect viewers significantly. It is still unknown if the owner, McMahon is ready to take on these WWE rumors. Will the CEO be able to let go of his lifelong business and hobby?

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