WWE Rumors, WrestleMania 33 Spoilers: John Cena to Face Off The Undertaker?

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WWE fans and especially, John Cena fans, are already wondering who he will face at WrestleMania 33 even though it?s still more than half a year away. With a handful of notable wrestlers who may be a worthy competitor, rumors are floating around that The Undertaker may make a return for the match. ?

Cageside Seats reported that WWE has two pretty plots that Cena may take. One includes him going up against The Undertaker. The other option will have John Cena go out and win the WWE World Championship.

Lets try and weigh in on the odds for either road that the writers may have Cena take. First off, is there a chance of The Undertaker to make a return just for the match?

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The Undertaker

Odds are no, Daily Wrestling News had recently reported that The Undertaker is done. He basically told the WWE to not include him anymore in the 2016 draft. The main reason is because he?s still signed up on another deal.

With The Undertaker unlikely to show up, the next best move is to have Cena just win the WWE World Championship.

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WWE World Champion

There?s good reason to. He?s only a far cry away from matching up to Ric Flair?s records by holding on to the coveted belt for 16 times.

Plus, John Cena is a very popular wrestler with a strong fan following. Heck, the guy?s an internet meme. Giving him the belt would leverage on his already great popularity.

Not to mention, there?s already a bit of hinting that John Cena will be set to win. Back in the September 13 show, John Cena showed his intent to win.

He told the current champ that Style is holding his belt. Cena said: You have something that belongs to me.?

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Of all the rumors out right now, odds are the story?s set to have John Cena win. There may not be any strong word on who he will face at WrestleMania 33, but its only a matter of time before someone spills the beans. Stay tuned in with us for more WWE news and get the latest scoop to spoilers!

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