WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Is Daniel Bryan Returning?

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WWE rumors are talking about the return of Daniel Bryan. Earlier this year, Bryan had to retire from WWE because of medical issues. When The Miz mocked Bryan for getting injured and deserting his fans in the recent episode of ?Talking Smack,? Bryan said that he would return to wrestling if World Wrestling Entertainment allows him.

Miz Provokes Daniel Bryan

In the show, SmackDown?s General Manager, Daniel Bryan said that The Miz is a coward as he wrestles as if he is afraid of getting hit. The Miz retaliated by saying that he has been wresting for over 10 years and he has never been injured in his career.

He further added that if a wrestler is injured, he should promise his fans that he would be back to claim the title. A dejected Bryan replied that he is ready to wrestle if WWE allows him.

Forbes reported that heated argument between the two was done purposely to hint the comeback of Bryan to his fans.?In February, Bryan had to quit wrestling after he suffered multiple concussions and a brain lesion with the company.

The UCLA doctors have stated that Bryan is fit for wrestling again. However, he was deemed unfit by the medical team of WWE.

Should Bryan Return?

If the WWE medical team gives the green signal, Bryan may soon return to the ring. However, if they don?t, he may leave WWE and joining another wrestling company. Even though fans would love to see him wrestle again, many are of the view that he should reconsider his decision.

In an interview to ABC News, Bryan?s wife, Brie Bella said, ?I was with him with one of his seizures after a concussion. It scared me so bad. I lost it.? It indicates that his wife will be considerably uncomfortable with Bryan?s decision of wrestling again.

Should Bryan return to the ring? Do let us know your thoughts by adding your comments.

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