WWE Rumors: Goldberg To Return As Wrestler To WWE?

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WWE Rumors

There are quite a lot of WWE rumors that are speculating around the internet. It appears that Goldberg, may finally make his way back into WWE after being confirmed as one of the playable characters in the game.

Latest WWE Rumors

According to the latest WWE rumors, Goldberg is very close to signing a contract again. As the superstar intends to wrestle again in the WWE. At the same time, he also intends to make an appearance at the Clash of Champions.

Goldberg Unleashed

A large number of his fans were shocked when a news about Goldberg was revealed. Several months ago, WWE revealed that Goldberg will be the very first superstar for WWE 2K17. Hence, there were ?WWE rumors spread everywhere, that he will also return to his former career.

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A rematch of him, versus Brock Lesnar, who happens to be the cover of the game, is imminent. The 49-year old Goldberg was expected to appear in SummerSlam. However, the wrestler didn?t show up at the event.

As he also did not agree to a deal with the WWE. Furthermore, the contracts and negotiations between Goldberg and WWE is now back. WWE offered him to sign a contract that will let him fight in the stage, once again.

As of now, fans should take note that Goldberg has only signed one deal. The deal to appear in the video game version of WWE. However, Goldberg signing the video game contract is a good sign.

WWE Rumors

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According to the reports of 411 Mania, Goldberg will make an appearance in Indianapolis. Coincidentally, this also happens to be the same place as Clash of Champions. Goldberg advertised his appearance himself, via Facebook.

Randy Orton vs. The Beast

Furthermore, Randy Orton?s rematch against The Beast is also the same day as Clash of Champions. The rematch will be held at Chicago, Illinois and will be a live event. Lesnar isn?t promoted as pay-per-view, but he can still appear in the event.

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Rumors strongly suggest that Goldberg vs Lesnar is really going to happen at WrestleMania. Both wrestlers have big reputations and names that may bring more fans. Still, we are not safe to assume since these are just WWE rumors.

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