WWE Rumors: Alberto Del Rio and Paige separating after suspension?

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Alberto Del Rio and Paige
Alberto Del Rio and Paige

The recent WWE announcement regarding the suspension of the wrestling superstars, Alberto Del Rio and his real-life girlfriend Paige has led to a flurry of rumors regarding the looming separation between the already estranged couple.

Del Rio and Paige, along with Eva Marie, were suspended for 30 days for their violations of?the organization?s Wellness Policy will miss this weekend’s Summerslam event in Brooklyn, New York. Though WWE didn?t clarify any details of the suspension, the fitness policy focuses on keeping the wrestling drug free.

The relationship between the two wrestlers has already been the subject of immense speculation. But because of the suspension, rumors indicate the couple may indeed go their own ways. The reason cited behind these rumors is that Del Rio?s contract with the company is expected to end in September while Paige still has a number of years left on her contract.

Rumors suggest that it is very likely that Del Rio might actually leave the company after his out-clause next month. Paige will, however, have to continue as source say the WWE does not plan on releasing her before the contract ends.

Del Rio and Paige

Del Rio and Paige

In case Del Rio leaves, it is likely that Paige might look forward to find someone new in the organization as the superstar status and constant publicity is a must to survive in the wrestling entertainment world.

There were also rumors of tension brewing between both of them over another female wrestler, Charlotte, whom Del Rio had dated in the past and Paige had a major feud with last year.

In fact, it has been revealed that though both the wrestlers were suspended for failing drug tests, they failed separate tests. The drug problems likely point towards significant trust issues between both of them and it is likely they already are not on good terms with each other.

Lately Del Rio is also facing a nasty divorce battle with his ex-wife Angela Velkei, who accused him of adultery. Both of them want full custody of their children and as well as ownership of their house and her car.

Velkei told court that she ended her marriage with him May 27th, 2016 due to adultery and the listed date is actually two weeks after he went public with his relationship to Paige. It is expected to turn the court against Del Rio and a likely defeat for him in court is likely to make his further relationship with Paige estranged.

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