WWE Rumors 2016: Who Will Take On The Undertaker During WrestleMania 33?

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WWE Rumors 2016

Anyone looking for WWE rumors 2016 is in for a treat as the upcoming WrestleMania is filled with surprises. In the meantime, people will now be able to get their tickets soon to be a part of the show. Tickets will go on sale this Wednesday morning at 10 AM ET.

At the present time, no matches have been announced yet. However, numerous rumors plagued both the Internet and the backstage. It appears that there?s a big chance that The Undertaker, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena will all be involved.

Last year?s WrestleMania had a lack of star power as famous wrestlers such as Seth Rollins, Cena, and Randy Orton were all missing due to injuries. For now, people can only hope that the big fishes remain healthy.

WWE Rumors 2016

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WWE Rumors 2016: The Rock

Furthermore, it is still unclear if WWE has offered The Rock a role in the upcoming show. Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson appeared a lot of time in WrestleMania since his last fight with Cena at WrestleMania 29.

WWE Rumors 2016: The Undertaker?s Back!

The Deadman is expected to make his monumental announcement regarding his future plans for WrestleMania. Furthermore, WWE might?ve already decided his opponent for the upcoming event who is none other than Orton.

In this case, it will be his 4th WrestleMania rematch given that he has already beaten Kane, Triple H, and HBK. However, The Undertaker taking on The Rock could actually work given their long history stemming back to the Attitude Era.

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People would love to see two of the most famous wrestlers going at each other. However, this might be Undertaker?s last match as his health is reportedly deteriorating according to rumors.

John Cena Still Injured?

Cena is also one of the wrestlers who is rumored to be going against The Undertaker during the Legend vs Legend matchup. However, Cena is still recovering from his shoulder injury. That being said, it kept two of the biggest wrestlers from facing off.

On the other hand, fans find it funny how Cena and The Undertaker managed to avoid each other for 14 years. It would disappoint the fans if the company doesn?t give The Undertaker a truly meaningful match. For more WWE Rumors 2016, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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