WWE Raw 2016: Bill Goldberg And Brock Lesnar Finally come Face to Face

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WWE Raw 2016

The epic WWE Raw 2016 moment that all the fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. The two legendary wrestlers, Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, finally come face to face for a fight on Monday night.

Dozens of extra security guards were not able to keep both of the wrestlers from breaking each other?s bones. It was a great show for the audience.

Goldberg Challenged Lesnar for a fight

The middle man Paul Heyman kept trying to have words with both of them, but all his efforts went in vain. Goldberg keep cutting him off and asked the security guards to leave so that he could reach Brock.

When Heyman offered a chance to have a fight with Lesnar, Goldberg responded by ripping his shirt off and encouraged the audience to coax his opponent. Lesnar with his cool attitude, did not take this challenge seriously and left the ring.

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Heyman wanted a fight between the two popular giants. And although Goldberg was ready to fight, Brock didn?t want to. Heyman even insulted Goldberg for not being able to convince Lesnar to accept the challenge.

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Why didn?t Brock Lesnar fight back?

What?s disappointing for the audience is that Brock didn?t even bother to start a fight. Instead, he backed down and left the ring. However, it was a great show for the audience, and the most likely reason he backed down is because he would rather fight Goldberg this Sunday at the Survivor Series.

Sunday, the Survivor Series is the day when both the powers will engage themselves in a furious fight. The show is running out of tickets as fans want to witness this epic moment when Bill and Brock will fight, that they booked their tickets in advance.

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