WWE Night Of The Champions Roundup: The Exciting Events You Need To Know!

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Let?s check this rundown on the events that happened this week in the WWE Universe. This week we got news on the injured Sting and a fan who jumped on the barricade fence spends some time in jail

Sting injured at Night of the Champions

Fans were treated to an unsettling sight; after Sting taking a powerbomb from Seth Rollins at the corner near the climax of the main event at Night of the Champions, the iconic 56-year old legend tumbled over and fails to hold himself up to the ring ropes. According to a report by TMZ “Sting is recovering at home Monday, after sustaining a serious neck injury…so serious doctors are not able to give a long-term prognosis.” Thankfully after the doctors have performed a CAT scan on Sting last Sunday, they found no trace of fracture on his skull or any from his neck, Sting was already released from the hospital last Monday and will be resting on his home, but still struggling to walk as he is still in pain. Sting?s Manager Steve Martinez said that ?We are optimistic he will have a speedy recovery and return to full health soon?

Fan jumps rail, gets jail time

A fan jumps from the rail barricade at the Night of the Champions pay-per-view will facing ten days in jail after pleading guilty on charges against him. According to PWInsider, 37 year old Oscar Ramirez from Houston, Texas was charged with trespassing with no forced entry, if he went to trial and found guilty, he would have face 1.5 years in prison. The WWE management is serious in cracking down on fan incidents during live events and will impose harsher punishments and possible, criminal charges against any offenders. Previously WWE imposed lifetime bans on fans who tries to enter the ring or leave their seats and hopped on the barricade.

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