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WWE 2K18 Universe Mode Will Supposedly Be A Classic General Manager Mode

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wwe 2k18 universe mode
Is GM Mode making a comeback? [Image from WWE YouTube channel]

Now that the game’s trailer and release date have been revealed, fans are curious about the WWE 2K18 Universe Mode. This has been one of the game’s staple modes since 2010, getting a number of improvements every year. If this leak has any credibility behind it, this year’s Universe Mode could be similar to the General Manager Mode.

According to this Tweet from Opendus that has been shared on Reddit, the new Universe Mode will have players choosing their brand and superstars. They even have to assign general managers and commissioners for the brand, along with talent negotiations and buying PPVs. If true, this will make fans very happy, since they’ve wanted General Manager Mode back for years.

WWE Management

For those unaware, General Manager mode was a beloved gameplay mode that debuted in SmackDown vs Raw 2006 on PS2. In said mode, players would choose a brand (Raw or SmackDown), draft top stars and choose various storylines for them. Players could also assign what type of matches each star would have, or even have them do some media rounds.

Sadly, the mode hasn’t appeared since SmackDown vs Raw 2008, disappointing many WWE fans that enjoyed it. Universe Mode might be fun, but it doesn’t have the depth of General Manager Mode, despite some fun features. Wrestling fans have wanted GM Mode back for sometime, so if the details for WWE 2K18 Universe Mode are true, it should be excellent.

Please The WWE Universe

Last year’s WWE 2K17 was a fun, if somewhat lacking installment of the series, especially after the excellent WWE 2K16. Having a WWE 2K18 Universe Mode with General Manager Mode-esque features will help the series regain some much needed momentum. Gamers can only hope this rumor is true, since GM Mode was a beloved feature that disappeared too soon.

Right now, the only thing we know about WWE 2K18 is that Seth Rollins will be the cover star. The game will finally be ditching PS3 and Xbox 360, since those were just roster updates with no actual improvements. Anyone that pre-orders the game’s deluxe edition will be able to play the game four days earlier than everyone else.

WWE 2K18 is slated for an October 17 release date on PS4 and Xbox One, with Kurt Angle expected as a pre-order bonus. In the meantime, WWE 2K17 is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, along with all the DLC.

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