WWE 2K18 Trailer, Cover Athlete, And Pre-Order Bonus Leaked

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The cover star and pre-order DLC have been revealed. [Image from WWE]

WWE has recently done an interesting social media campaign, showing props and memorabilia of the various legends from the past. Fans have been wondering what all these posts were for, and they seem to be teasing WWE 2K18 this year. Upon closer inspection, it is somewhat similar to last year’s bit which revealed Goldberg as the game’s pre-order character.

According to PW Insider, these images lead to a trailer that has Seth Rollins destroying all the legendary memorabilia. Said trailer will also reveal Kurt Angle as the game’s pre-order DLC bonus, which fans have been expecting. The video will supposedly have a mini-story that has Kurt Angle hunt down Seth Rollins for his actions.

The Sports Center Announcement

It seems like this WWE 2K18 trailer will be announced during ESPN’s Sports Center show, which the company has teased. Their Twitter post stated that the Sports Center episode would have a “big” announcement and will feature Seth Rollins. He will probably announce the game’s trailer during the episode, which should get fans excited for the episode.

Don’t expect gameplay from the upcoming trailer, since the company will be saving that for a much bigger occasion. Still, the trailer could tease what the game’s main theme will be about, especially with the #BLN1 hashtag being touted. For those curious, the hashtag is an acronym for Be Like No One, since the WWE legends are truly unique.

What’s Next?

Now that we essentially know the WWE 2K18 cover star, trailer and pre-order bonus, fans will want to see gameplay. Since the series has an annual release, it will be interesting to see if there are any big changes made this year. WWE 2K17 had some rock solid gameplay, so it would be great to see how they’re improved upon this year.

Fans of the series are also looking forward to the eventual roster reveal, especially if we see some new superstars. The game’s roster last year was a nice mix of legends and current superstars, as well as some NXT standouts. Expect something similar for this year’s game, especially with all the new superstars that have debuted this year.

WWE 2K18 is slated for release this fall, though no consoles have been named as of this writing. A Nintendo Switch version was leaked, so it seems like the game will be coming to it as well. WWE 2K17 is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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