WWE 2K18: Superstars That Should Make Their Debut This Year

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Who is going to debut in WWE 2K18? [Image from WWE]

Now that WrestleMania has come and gone, it’s time to ponder on the final roster of this year’s WWE 2K18. The yearly game series has always been an anticipated one, mostly to see which new or returning stars are included. Considering the amount of new talent that has debuted in the past year, we could see the series’ biggest roster ever.

It’s worth noting that we will only cover new stars that haven’t been included in a WWE game yet. Kurt Angle, The Hardys and Drew McIntyre won’t be included in this article, though they should be in this year’s final roster. With new talent debuting on NXT and the cruiserweight division, the new talent that could debut this year is exciting.

Jack Gallagher

Easily the most charismatic man in the cruiserweight division, Jack Gallagher has impressed many a fan with his various talents. His character is ridiculously charming, while his wrestling style is something that fans have been constantly impressed by. The character would be a fun and unique addition to the WWE 2K18 roster, so he should definitely be included.

Bobby Roode

The current NXT champion has been on a “glorious” roll, beating Shinsuke Nakamura twice and remaining undefeated in the brand. He’s one of the better heels in the entire company, so having him in the game would be really fun. Granted, his move-set isn’t the most exciting, but hearing Glorious Domination on a console is something fans want to experience.

Mustafa Ali

Originally debuting as a typical “evil foreigner,” Mustafa Ali is now a hero and has played the role very well. His in-ring talent is also incredible to watch, especially his imploding 450 Splash that has wowed a number of audiences. Ali won’t have a super high rating in the game, but his high-flying style will make him fun to control.

The Authors of Pain

After showstopping performances against #DIY and the Revival, it’s clear that the WWE are high on the Authors of Pain. Expect them to be in the game as NXT Tag Team Champions, which they won’t be losing for quite sometime. Considering the amount of power moves they have, they will be fun additions to WWE 2K18.

Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa (#DIY)

Establishing themselves as brilliant singles and tag team competitors, Gargano and Ciampa have been in some of last year’s best matches. Their match against each other in the Cruiserweight Classic was a hard-hitting match that everyone loved. Since a number of their moves are already in WWE 2K17 via the New Moves Pack, they should be debuting this year.

Ember Moon

Currently the only threat to Asuka’s NXT Women’s Championship, Ember Moon has impressed fans with her awesome finisher. Though the wrestler is still a bit green in the ring, she has a huge upside and should be in this year’s game. Her unique look and entrance should be replicated well in the game, though previous work on female character models have been troublesome.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

NXT’s best female heels in the roster would be a fun addition to WWE 2K18. Considering the lack of new women in the main roster, these characters would be solid roster picks. Billie Kay was actually scanned last year but didn’t appear, so we could see her appear in the game.

Kassius Ohno

His return to NXT might not have been too great, but he has been in some decent matches thus far. Some of his moves are already in the game, like the Cyclone Big Boot and KO Elbow, so his inclusion is pretty much expected. Plus, fans could always team him with Cesaro and reunite their Kings of Wrestling tag team from the independent circuit.

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