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WWE 2K18 Release Date In Fall 2017, Here’s What We Know So Far

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wwe 2k18 release date
WWE 2K18 will be out this Fall. [Image from the PlayStation Store]

As fans wonder about the WWE 2K18 release date, Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that the game is coming this Fall. While not a huge surprise, it’s nice to know that the yearly wrestling game will be getting released this year. Considering the amount of new superstars that have joined the company since WWE 2K17, fans should expect an enormous roster.

Currently, there are no official details for this year’s sports entertainment simulator, despite the game’s official confirmation in Take-Two Interactive’s earnings report. It’s also easy to assume that some new superstars will be added in this year’s game, though some might be DLC. There is a lot to look forward to in this year’s WWE game, so Fall 2017 cannot come soon enough.

As stated in Take-Two Interactive’s earnings report, WWE 2K17 managed to sell approximately 3 million units to date. The next installment in the annual franchise will launch sometime in Fall 2017. It’s still unknown if WW2K18 will launch on last-gen consoles as the publisher didn’t specify which platforms it’ll be available on.

New Superstar Scans

The SmackDown Hotel has confirmed that AJ Styles has been re-scanned for this year’s game, so expect major graphical improvements. Cesaro also revealed that he got scanned for the game on Twitter way back in March, so that’s impressive. It’s good to see 2K Games make the existing superstars get scans, so that they can look better than ever.

WWE 2K17 already had impressive looking character models, so it will be fun to see how the next game improves. As of this writing, there is still no exact WWE 2K18 release date, but expect some form of announcement during SummerSlam. 2K Games always release the WWE titles in the fall, so they have to start hyping the title up early.

Hall of Fame 2017 Showcase? Pre-Order DLC?

Both 2K16 and 2K17 had the Hall of Fame Showcase, so expect that to return this year with recent inductees. Kurt Angle is the biggest draw here, since he is one of the most popular superstars in WWE history. This might mean that he will be pre-order DLC for the game, but only time will tell if that happens.

Some of the biggest legends have been pre-order DLC, like Goldberg in WWE 2K17 and Sting for WWE 2K15. Even Shinsuke Nakamura was technically pre-order DLC for last year’s NXT Edition of WWE 2K17, but was purchasable later on. As of this writing, Kurt Angle seems to be the likely candidate for this year’s pre-order DLC, unless plans change.

Currently, there is no WWE 2K18 release date, but the titles are usually released on October or November. Expect news on the game’s roster and various modes during or after SummerSlam. WWE 2K17 is available now, along with all the DLC, most of which can be purchased via the season pass.

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