WWE 2K18: Old Moves That Need New Animations

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Some moves need newer animations. [Image from PlayStation Store]

With WWE 2K18 coming out later this year, many fans are hoping to see new animations for certain moves. These are always expected, since some moves tend to look outdated or lack energy compared to the actual ones. 2K Games are probably working on the game as we speak, so here is hoping the developers are reanimating moves.

To their credit, some of these moves were reanimated in WWE 2K17, but some of them stayed the same. They didn’t take away from the gameplay, but hardcore fans were disappointed that these moves were not improved. Some of the culprits here are obvious, while others are less so, but the bottomline is they need new animations.

Roman Reigns’ Spear

Ever since it was introduced in WWE 2K15, fans have been wanting a new Spear animation for Roman Reigns. Say what you will about the performer, but Reigns has a beautiful Spear execution that many would be jealous of. This is why his current Spear in the game is so disappointing, lacking the execution and speed of the performer’s.

His waiting in the corner is fine, but once he nails the move he gets up in a confident manner. It’s really annoying, since that time could be used to pin the opponent, but he does it every time. The animation would make sense if he was out of stamina, but that’s not the case and WWE 2K18 must change it.

John Cena’s STF

Fans have always complained about how John Cena applies the STF, but that’s not the problem in the game. Believe it or not, the STF he does in the game looks worse than the one he does in real-life. The face-lock itself looks pretty bad, so the “added pressure” during the submission mini-game doesn’t look too painful.

Also not helping is how the opponent sells the move, which is pretty disappointing to see in a video game. The opponent’s face is fine when the lock is on, but the tapping out is fairly weak in the game. Instead of multiple painful taps to the mat, we get three soft ones, which needs fixing in WWE 2K18.

The 450 Splash

It’s still a mystery as to why Justin Gabriel’s beautiful 450 Splash was removed from WWE 2K15. What’s worse is that there hasn’t been a decent one since, with the current one having a pointless taunt. To be clear, performing a 450 Splash is not easy to do, just like most wrestling moves, but that’s no excuse.

The Rock’s People’s Elbow

How this version of the move hasn’t been fixed yet is outstanding, since it lacks all the “electricity” the move has. Sure, it’s basically a theatrical elbow drop, but theatrics for the move are really bad in the game. The People’s Champion deserves much better than this and so do the fans.

WWE 2K18 will probably come out this year, around October or November. WWE 2K17 is available now, with most of the DLC available through the season pass.

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