WWE 2K18: Kurt Angle Officially Announced As Pre-Order Bonus

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After plenty of speculation and reports, Kurt Angle has confirmed that he is the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K18. It’s a move that was expected, but also one that doesn’t disappoint since he has not appeared in a WWE game since SmackDown vs Raw 2007. The olympic gold medalist joins a prestigious group of pre-order superstars that also includes Goldberg, Sting and Ultimate Warrior.

Reports of Angle being the pre-order superstar have been rampant, which all started when he was inducted in this year’s Hall of Fame. Kurt finally confirmed the news on his Twitter, while also showcasing his pre-order art. Either way, it’s just good seeing him in a WWE game again after being gone from the company for more than a decade.

Seth Rollins and Kurt Angle are the first two confirmed superstars for WWE 2K18, though the trailer did hint at numerous legends. Undertaker, Andre the Giant, Ted Dibiase, Edge, Triple H and more were seemingly confirmed after Seth destroyed a bunch of their monuments in the first trailer. Angle should appear in a second trailer for the game, as he searches for Seth and wonders why he destroyed the monuments.

WWE 2K18 is notable for many reasons, like the fact that it’s the first WWE 2K game that will ditch last-gen consoles. Fans are also hoping to see a number of features return, particularly Showcase Mode and a Universe Mode inspired by the older General Manager modes. 2K Games hasn’t revealed much details, simply stating that the game will have better visuals and improved gameplay, which makes sense for a yearly series like the WWE 2K series.

Currently, fans can purchase WWE 2K17 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. All the DLC is available for purchase as well, including former pre-order exclusives like Goldberg.

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