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WWE 2K18: What It Can Learn From The Best Wrestling Games

wwe 2k18
WWE 2K18 needs older features back. [Image from the PlayStation Store]

Now that WWE 2K17 has come and gone, fans are looking forward to this year’s inevitable WWE 2K18. While last year’s game was a good one, it did suffer from a number of flaws that made it imperfect. Though the gameplay is better than ever, some of the single-player modes have been criticized for lacking substance and replayability.

Compare this to the older wrestling games fans love, like WWF No Mercy and SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain, it’s clear that the next game in the WWE 2K series should take some cues from the older games. Here are some of those cues the new game should consider bringing back or improving upon, to make it better.

Season Mode

To be frank, My Career is just not doing well in the WWE games, despite being a really good idea. WWE 2K18 should ditch the mode and bring back the much more successful Season mode from the older games. This allowed players to participate in a number of intriguing storylines, depending on their place in the roster.

Furthermore, players weren’t restricted to using their created character in the game, but could also use members of the roster. Here, if the player chooses to do so, they could turn a jobber like Charlie Haas into a main eventer. Players could event start out as the champion and get thrust into a number of high profile stories.

The possibilities of this mode in a new game would be tremendous, especially now that NXT has been introduced. It would give players more freedom than the current My Career mode, which limits players to certain storylines. Admittedly, there are allusions to more complexity, like forming a tag team, but those fade into the background really quickly.

Customizing Everyone

WWE 2K17 had a very good customization mode, letting players import logos and change the attires of existing superstars. However, WWF No Mercy took things a step further by letting players change existing hairstyles for the game’s roster. This is a feature that WWE 2K18 will need to include, due to the ever-changing landscape of the company.

Last year’s game let fans change John Cena’s shirt, but they couldn’t give Braun Strowman a much needed haircut. Though the developers aren’t at fault for the company’s constant changes, adding the aforementioned feature from No Mercy would help. Having it would help the game feel less dated when superstars debut new looks, which are always inevitable.

Then again, the company could be withholding this feature on purpose, since they have to release a game every year. The games have to be dated eventually so that fans can pick up the new game the following year. It’s not a radical concept by any means, since sports games also do the same thing every year.

Crazier Backstage Brawls

SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain gained so much praise due to how over-the-top some of the brawls were. Players could do diving attacks off buildings or chase their opponent around with the Undertaker’s motorcycle, which was always fun. This type of madness made multiplayer a blast and it’s something WWE 2K18 could benefit heavily from.

Admittedly, this is unlikely to come back, since the recent WWE games have focused more on being a realistic simulator. Then again, with the return of Backstage Brawls in 2K17, it wouldn’t hurt to make the feature a more crazy. Seeing giant-sized men get on top of a truck to do a nice Shooting Star Press off would be hilarious.

Expect a WWE 2K18 announcement by the time SummerSlam rolls around, since new game reveals near that event tend to happen. In the meantime, WWE 2K17 is available now on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The season pass and all of its content are also available for purchase.

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