WWE 2K18 Essentially Confirmed For E3

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Expect to hear some WWE 2K18 news in E3. [Image from WWE 2K Facebook]

Wrestling fans have something to look forward to in E3, as WWE 2K18 has essentially been confirmed for the event. The game was already made official a few months ago, it was just unsure if it would appear in E3. Unlike last year, it looks like the game won’t just be teased with a canvas painting, but discussed via interview.

GameSpot posted their schedule for the big gaming show, confirming a segment with WWE Games in the event’s last day. Said interview will take place at 2PM that day, so wrestling fans better pay attention to the GameSpot booth. WWE and GameSpot have worked together in the past, with the gaming site hosting Roster Reveals for the wrestling simulator.

What To Expect

If previous years are any indication, it’s a little too early to expect a gameplay video for WWE 2K18. A trailer featuring some of the superstars is possible, along with the game’s cover athlete, but that’s about it. Expect a gameplay trailer before or after the company’s annual SummerSlam event, along with a highly anticipated roster reveal.

Former WWE Champion Big Show will be in E3, but he won’t be appearing for the WWE Games segment. SmackTalks has confirmed that he would be co-hosting the Destiny 2 panel, since the star is a fan of Destiny. Big Show will definitely be in the game, since he’s a bonafide legend and is still active in the ring.

Wrestling With Expectations

Since WWE 2K18 has essentially been confirmed for the event, fans are hoping to see some returning features this year. Everyone missed Showcase Mode last year, so that needs to come back in this installment, hopefully focusing on The Undertaker. The “Phenom” retired this year after losing to Roman Reigns in WrestleMania 33, so this would be a nice tribute.

We shouldn’t expect too much from WWE in E3, since the company likes to announce special events for their games. A look at the game’s cover and a trailer would be great, but we can’t fully confirm that until E3. It should be a good event regardless and could provide some nice info for fans of the yearly wrestling simulator.

WWE 2K18 will be out this fall, though no confirmed systems have been announced as of this writing. Currently, fans can pick up WWE 2K17, which is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. All of the game’s DLC content can be purchased as well, some of which will be discounted if the Season Pass is bought.

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