WWE 2K18 E3 2017 Appearance: What To Expect

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Will we get an E3 reveal? [Image from WWE 2K Facebook]

While it hasn’t been officially announced, wrestling fans are hoping to see WWE 2K18 in this year’s E3 event. The game made a small appearance at E3 last year, with canvas art confirming three characters for that year’s wrestling simulator. Fans are hoping to see something similar in this year’s event, with more to be revealed before or after SummerSlam.

New Superstars

Last year’s canvas art revealed that John Cena, Sasha Banks, and Ultimate Warrior would be in last year’s game. Cena and Warrior weren’t new at this point, but Sasha’s reveal was met with acclaim from the wrestling community. If 2K games is planning to do something similar this year, another new superstar would be great to see.

NXT has plenty of new stars, so adding Bobby Roode or Aleister Black in WWE 2K18 would gain some attention. There are also returning stars like Kurt Angle and The Hardys, so seeing them would be a treat for fans. Overall, fans just want to see someone new announced, along with the current crop of very significant talent.

Showcase Reveal

After the lack of a Showcase Mode in last year’s game, we would love to see it return this year. 2K Games wanted to make one based off Brock Lesnar’s career, so E3 would be a great time to announce it. Lesnar is a big name after all, thanks to his amateur wrestling and UFC background, so that would be exciting.

However, The Undertaker retired in this year’s WrestleMania, so a Showcase mode dedicated to him would be more fitting. These games love to use history, so having one based off his illustrious career would be great for WWE 2K18. Even some casual fans know who “The Phenom” is, so it could garner interest from hardcore and nostalgic fans.

Pre-Order Bonus Reveal

Pre-order bonuses are officially a thing, something WWE and 2K Games like to use to their advantage to get buys. Goldberg was last year’s pre-order bonus, and many fans think Kurt Angle is the next one for this year’s game. Angle is a fairly big name and was recently inducted to the Hall of Fame, so if he isn’t a pre-order bonus, he will either be in the base game or take part in the Hall of Fame Showcase.

WWE 2K18 will be out this year, likely in October or November, but no release date has been confirmed. In the meantime, fans can get WWE 2K17 and all of the DLC that comes with it.

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