WWE 2K18 Could Focus On The Undertaker After Superstar’s WrestleMania 33 Retirement Match

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Undertaker has had one hell of a career. [Image from the official WrestleMania Facebook page]

After 27 years of entertaining the fans, The Undertaker finally retired after losing to Roman Reigns in WrestleMania 33. His final match might not have been special, but his goodbye was emotional and perfect, making many fans shed tears. While his in-ring days are over, his legacy will live on and that could be seen in this year’s WWE 2K18.

Last year’s WWE 2K17 had no Showcase Mode outside of the Hall of Fame DLC, which was a bit lacking. If the mode returns this year, there’s no better superstar to focus on than Undertaker, who has had many classic rivalries. Should this come to pass, the future Hall of Famer could even appear in the game’s cover, though we will have to wait and see.

Rest In Peace

Considering how shocking and sudden the Undertaker’s retirement was, focusing on his career in WWE 2K18 would please his many fans. Feuds with Kane, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold and Jake “The Snake” Roberts would be fun to play through in the game. Also helping are the multiple personas the character has gone through, from Deadman to Biker, before reverting to Deadman again.

If anything, focusing on his career in Showcase Mode would be a great way to honor the legend in video game form. Few wrestlers can say that their career spanned 27 years, but that’s what Undertaker managed to do. Undertaker’s lengthy career also means that we could see a variety of superstars from the number of eras WWE has gone through, which should be fun to see.

Ain’t No Grave That Can Hold My Body Down

Admittedly, fans would also like to see a number of new stars appear in WWE 2K18, given the year’s stacked roster. New faces like Ember Moon, Bobby Roode, Kassius Ohno, Andrade “Cien” Almas and more would make for a diverse roster. That’s not to mention the recent return of Matt and Jeff Hardy, as well as the recent induction of Kurt Angle.

Then again, some of the legends that Undertaker faced are already in WWE 2K17, so those character models can be re-used. Giving them matching attires for their matches with the Deadman would also be cool to see, along with all the alternate costumes for Undertaker himself. He might have been a dark character, but he sure had a colorful career, one that should be highlighter in this year’s game.

WWE 2K17 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Expect WWE 2K18 later this year, most likely in October or November.

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