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WWE 2K17 Update: Top 3 Ways 2K Disrespected Female Superstars

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WWE 2K17 was supposed to be the first game that represented the ?Women?s Revolution.? The game has some of the best female wrestlers in the world right now, like Bayley and Charlotte. However, as most fans know, 2K Games did not give the female character models as much love as the male ones.

Now to be fair, there are a number of bad male character models that are in the game. Those from the current roster look great, while legends like Typhoon and Avalanche look awful. However, the women are the ones that have the weirdest and maybe even the most offensive character models.

Hips Don?t Lie, But They Swing Too Much

One of the more glaring issues that the female superstars in WWE 2K17 face are too much hip swinging and bounce physics, according to this Reddit post. While a character like Carmella does swing her hips a lot, Paige does not end up having one of the weirder walks to the ring.

Too Bouncy

Other characters like Bayley and Eva Marie have too much bounce physics, making it an eye sore to go through. Aside from these issues, some of the women just look awful. While Alexa Bliss, Charlotte and Eva Marie look great, Dana Brooke look like a robot and Carmella looks last-gen.

Where?s The Revolution?

Considering the resurgence women?s wrestling has gone through in recent years, it?s really sad to see WWE 2K17 drop the ball. Even with fantastic characters like Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, the game chooses to give them bad models and weird ?sexy? walks.?Female wrestlers in the game are also still called divas, which?has now been scrapped from the WWE as part of the women revolution.?

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It also doesn?t help that playing as female superstars makes the matches faster than they should be, since they can all climb the turnbuckle like Rob Van Dam. Also, some of the smaller superstars have no problem taking down a character like Nia Jax, who?s supposed to be a heavy power house. It?s just awkward.

WWE 2K17 is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. A number of DLC packs are available now like the NXT pack, Goldberg pack and Legends Pack. The Future Stars Pack is also on the way.

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