WWE 2K17: Triple H Should Have A Lower Overall Rating?

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If anyone is going to get a high rating in WWE 2K17, it’s going to be ?The Game? Triple H. The man has won 14 world championships and still wrestles once in a while, to the delight of Attitude Era fans everywhere. However, one superstar who disagrees with Triple H’s in-game ratings is Hall of Fame inductee Bret Hart, who has some unkind things to say about the face of The Authority.

During the Sharpshooter podcast in Audioboom, Hart said that he was livid when he was told that his rating was an 85 and that Triple H’s was 98. He went on a rant, stating that Triple H has always been a very mediocre wrestler and is nothing special in the ring, which is far from endorsement.

Had he actually played the game, he would know that both versions of Triple H are rated 91, which is still fairly high but is considerably lower than the ratings given to Seth Rollins (92), John Cena (96) and Brock Lesnar (94). Bret himself is actually a 90 in the game, which is only a point lower than ?The Game,? though that would probably still piss him off.

The bad blood between Triple H and Bret Hart stems from the infamous Montreal Screwjob. This was the event where Bret was screwed out of his championship by Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. ?The Game? was heavily involved with the decision and even helped escort Michaels out of the building, so it’s easy to see why Hart still hates the man.

Triple H is a 91 in WWE 2K16

Despite his harsh words, there’s a good chance that Bret Hart will still make it to WWE 2K17. The most recent roster reveal showed that the Ultimate Warrior was one of the confirmed characters, so another legend like Hart would probably appear in the game as well.

Should Triple H get a lower rating in the game? A 91 is actually pretty decent, since he can still go and have great matches. His Roadblock match with Dean Ambrose was excellent, so no one is doubting his in-ring skills, aside from Bret Hart.

WWE 2K17 comes to current-gen consoles on October 25. Pre-ordering the game will allow players to use former WCW champion Goldberg.

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