WWE 2K17: Top 3 Superstars Who Shouldn’t Grace The Game’s Cover

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WWE 2K17

Now that we know three of the presumably hundreds of characters in WWE 2K17, fans have been wondering about who the cover star of this year?s installment will be. Would we see a new superstar centered on the game?s cover or another face from the past like last year when we got ?Stone Cold? Steve Austin?

One thing is for sure; we?re probably not going to get one of the following superstars below. After all, the WWE and 2K Games want these titles to sell, and adding any of the wrestlers we are about to mention might drive any curious gamers away from buying the game.

Here are the characters that should not be the cover star of WWE 2K17:

Roman Reigns

Despite suggesting him in an earlier list, it seems like Roman?s luck has not been great lately. After losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Seth Rollins in an incredible match, he was suspended for 30 days after violating the wellness policy.

While he will still be in the highly anticipated triple threat match with Rollins and new champion Dean Ambrose, he probably won?t be in this year?s cover. Add the fact that a lot of hardcore fans dislike Reigns for being shoved down their throats in recent years and it is clear that while his face might look great, it will not sell games.

Stephanie McMahon

Seeing a woman in the cover of a WWE video game might be refreshing, but not if it is Stephanie McMahon, the most unlikable character in the promotion today. She is a little too good at her job, being catty and screaming at everyone, which has had a number of fans turn the channel any time she is on.

Now, she should be in the game for sure, since fans will want to tap her out to Becky Lynch?s Dis-Arm-Her submission move, but that?s about it. If people want WWE 2K17 to sell, do not put Stephanie McMahon in the cover.

John Cena

Despite winning over many of his critics and putting on a lot of great matches, no one wants to see John Cena grace the cover of another WWE game. He was just in the cover of WWE 2K15, and putting him in the one for WWE 2K17 would be too soon.

Fans might prefer Cena to Reigns, but seeing him on the cover of the company?s newest game will make them think that the company is out of new superstars. Anyone who?s seen the current product knows that?s not true, with Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin appearing a lot on Raw and SmackDown, but seeing Cena on the cover will blind fans into thinking that WWE hasn?t changed.

WWE 2K17 is slated for an October release date for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Pre-order the game now to get Goldberg as a bonus character.

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