WWE 2K17: Should It Still Come Out For PS3 And Xbox 360?

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WWE 2K16 has gotten plenty of attention on current-gen consoles and the upcoming port on the PC will probably be hyped up as well. That being said, it seems like there was little focus given to the last-gen ports of the wrestling simulator and with good reason; the gameplay hasn?t changed since WWE 2K14.

Admittedly, the last-gen version of the game does have the same roster as the current-gen version, so there are over 120 superstars to play as. It also has the same DLC characters like Samoa Joe, Blake, Murphy, Scott Hall and more. Fans can also still relive Stone Cold?s career in Showcase mode.

For those unaware, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of WWE 2K16 are essentially stripped down versions of the current-gen version of the game. There is no My Career mode, which was introduced in WWE 2K15 and it?s missing a ton of gameplay features, including the limited reversals, superstar threads and the stamina system.

Since most fans are expecting WWE 2K17 to be unveiled by SummerSlam, one has to wonder if 2K Games should even bother releasing the title on the PS3 or Xbox 360. There?s a good chance that the last-gen version of the game won?t even bother adding any new improvements that the PS4 and Xbox One version will be getting.

Dropping the last-gen versions of WWE 2K17 will also give the company more time to work on the current-gen version, fixing any bugs and glitches that might plague the game. Of course, they could always ask another developer to make the last-gen version and give them the assets from the older games.

It?s clear that the last-gen versions of the WWE games still have a number of fans, since 2K Games continues to release the series on the PS3 and Xbox 360. While it?s a noble thought, the fact that the game is stripped down of the gameplay elements seen in the current-gen versions is almost insulting.

The developers should either bring the new elements of WWE 2K17 to the last-gen consoles or simply not make it at all. Giving last-gen users an inferior version of the current-gen version just doesn?t seem right.

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