WWE 2K17 Roster: New Superstars Revealed At E3 2016

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WWE 2K17

After announcing Goldberg as a pre-order exclusive, things have been rather quiet regarding WWE 2K17. This year?s wrestling simulator is currently scheduled for an October release and will be coming to both current-gen and last-gen consoles, but details regarding gameplay and the roster have been scarce.

Now that E3 is underway, however, new details about the game have been revealed. 2K Games previously revealed that there would be a painting that would show some of the roster members of WWE 2K17, and now we know three superstars who will be part of the game, thanks to the WWE 2K Twitter account: John Cena, Ultimate Warrior and ?The Boss? Sasha Banks.

Cena and Warrior aren?t new to the games, but Sasha Banks is. The former NXT Women?s Champion was originally scanned for a WWE 2K16 appearance but was cut from the game?s roster for unknown reasons. This infuriated fans, so it was wise for 2K to announce her this early, since she?s arguably the most popular female superstar in the WWE roster.

Since Sasha Banks is in the game, it?s easy to assume that Charlotte and Becky Lynch will be in the simulator as well. The three had what might be the greatest women?s match in WrestleMania history, so all three women deserve to be there. Here?s hoping that the improved scanning does these three lovely ladies justice, since the female character models have always been lacking compared with the men.

It will be interesting to see if Bayley, Nia Jax and Asuka make it to the game. WWE 2K16 had no female superstars from NXT, so fans hope that WWE 2K17 rectifies this problem. If they don?t make it to the disc, the developers should at least make them DLC characters.

With four superstars revealed, fans are left wondering when the WWE or 2K will announce the full roster. There?s a possibility that more names will be revealed during SummerSlam, since the company has made it their second biggest event next to WrestleMania, and a roster announcement would get fans interested in the event or its pre-show.

WWE 2K17 is scheduled for an October release for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Expect a PC port of the game with all the DLC a few months after the game has been released.

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