WWE 2K17: NXT Tag Team Possibly Confirmed For The Game

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WWE 2K17

It seems like there were more superstars in the WWE 2K17 NXT edition that fans might not have noticed. This version of the game already includes future stars like Nia Jax, Apollo Crews and Shinsuke Nakamura, but it looks like there are two more that were hard to notice: Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, also known as American Alpha.

If fans look closely at the cover of the NXT edition, they will see the strap and shoulder of Jason Jordan. Since there is no way that the developers would put Jordan in alone, it’s clear that his partner Chad Gable will be joining him in this year’s game.

This bit of info was revealed in a YouTube video by The 101. The video also showed that Alexa Bliss would be in the game, but she was more visible than the popular tag team, who were essentially tucked away in the corner of the box art.

Fans are probably very pleased with American Alpha being in WWE 2K17. The team has consistently put on great matches together in NXT, with special mention going to their two out of three Falls match with The Revival, who are also in the game. It looks like this year’s game is going to have a lot of fun tag matches to play through.

Seems like American Alpha will be in WWE 2K17

American Alpha were recently drafted to Smackdown, so they can finally show fans of the main brands what they are made of. The two are ridiculously talented and deserve to be in the main roster, so it will be interesting to see them in the game as NXT superstars.

Considering how the scanning of the game has supposedly improved, we can expect great character models for Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, along with the other superstars that are in the game. The focus on NXT should make a lot of WWE fans happy this October.

WWE 2K17 is scheduled for an October 11 release date for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, with a PC release likely happening sometime next year. Fans who pre-order the game can get two versions of Goldberg ? one from WWE and one from WCW ? as well as two classic arenas from WCW. The game can also be pre-downloaded.

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