WWE 2K17 NXT Edition: The Good and The Bad

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Fans hoping to see more NXT in WWE 2K17 are in for some good news. Sort of. There is now a special NXT edition of the game that can be pre-ordered from most retail stores. This is essentially the collector’s edition of the game as it has a statue of Fin Balor, signed art by Shinsuke Nakamura and a lot of other goodies.

Revealed by 2K Games themselves, the NXT edition of the game presents good and bad things about the upcoming title. Admittedly, focusing on future stars would seem anything but bad, yet there are some things that are inexcusable about the package.

The biggest deal breaker is that Shinsuke Nakamura, Apollo Crews and Nia Jax are pre-order DLC for WWE 2K17, just like former WCW champion Goldberg. It’s somewhat understandable that the WWE would want to use one of their biggest NXT stars in Shinsuke Nakamura as a way to sell the game, but adding Nia Jax and Apollo Crews as DLC as well is a bit absurd. The characters will be available later on as regular DLC, but Crews and Jax should have been included in the game already.

On the bright side, seeing Nia Jax in the game means we will see other NXT female superstars like Bayley, Asuka and Alexa Bliss in this year’s installment. The numerous extras that come with the NXT edition also hint at other superstars that might be appearing in the game like Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder aka The Revival, who just happen to be the NXT Tag Team Champions.

Bayley will be making her video game debut this year.

Infuriatingly, the trading cards that come with the game have Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Baron Corbin. All of them are definitely bonafide superstars, but they have all been promoted to the main roster, so seeing them as NXT superstars is a bit annoying. Maybe they were still in NXT when the game started development, so this is a minor annoyance at most.

WWE 2K17 is slated for an October 11 release for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, but it can already be pre-downloaded. The NXT edition of the game costs US$99.99 and comes with a ton of content, along with Goldberg.

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