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WWE 2K17: No Showcase Mode Is A Big Miss

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WWE 2K17 will not have a Showcase Mode this year. It’s a controversial move that’s understandable but disappointing since fans love to see the high production values that 2K Games and the WWE put in the various video packages, so it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing them this year. It might not be a deal breaker, but it could be considered a big miss on the company’s part.

According to the game’s official site, the Showcase Mode was ditched this year since the company couldn’t get the license to some former stars for a Brock Lesnar-centric campaign. The developers also stated that they’re putting all of their efforts on improving the gameplay for modes like Universe and My Career, the latter of which is only available on current-gen consoles.

This is all fine and understandable, but there is a group of fans that don’t like playing Universe or My Career. The former is fun enough, especially with the new promo engine that will be added, but often it can be repetitive since rivalries usually have the same superstars facing each other again and again. My Career can also be a bit of a grind since fans have to power up their created superstar and it can often feel like work, especially since climbing the top rope is now a skill that has to be earned.

That’s not to say WWE 2K17 will be a worse game with no Showcase Mode, since the game will be adding new superstars like AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and much more. The game’s graphics have also been improved slightly, with much better facial scanning than the previous current-gen games of the series. Players can even customize their Titantron videos, which should appeal to WWE fans.

Improving on My Career and Universe is far from a bad idea since these modes have often been the best parts of the game. Still, it will be sad not to see any stellar video packages for rivalries in this year’s game. However, based on the developer?s statement, it seems like we’ll see Showcase Mode return next year.

WWE 2K17 is slated for an October 11 release for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Fans who pre-order the regular edition or the NXT edition can get Goldberg as a special downloadable character.

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