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WWE 2K17: New Moves, Backstage Brawls, Victory Breakouts And More

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WWE 2K17 is one month away. While it might not have a Showcase Mode, it looks like it will be one of the best games in the series. The mix of new and older superstars, plus a number of new gameplay additions make this a must-have for WWE fans. Making the game even more mouth watering are the gameplay videos that 2K has been releasing.

These gameplay videos aren’t that long, but they are fun to see. It’s nice to see the missed Backstage Brawls return. The addition of victory breakouts is also a great concept and one that should make Universe and My Career fun.

Backstage Brawl

The 2K Dev YouTube account released a Backstage Brawl video. It’s an interesting matchup as Sami Zayn takes on Roman Reigns. Fans get to see how these brawls get initiated and how they can end. It should make the game’s hardcore matches much more entertaining.

We haven’t seen a Backstage Brawl in a WWE game for the longest time. Seeing it back and better than ever is one reason why WWE 2K17 is a must-have for wrestling fans. Newer fans will appreciate the variety, while older fans will use this mode to remember the Attitude Era.

Victory Breakout

A followup from last year’s great Entrance Breakout. This lets players attack the opponent after the match has finished. The video shows Titus O’Neil demolishing his former friend Darren Young, who won’t feel great again after that Powerbomb. The video can be seen here.

New Moves

It’s worth noting that we see some new moves in action. Titus O’Neil’s finisher has been re-animated and looks much better. The automatic pin option is greatly appreciated. Roman Reigns also uses his Razor’s Edge Powerbomb on Sami Zayn, which looks fantastic. Here is hoping his Spear has been re-animated as well.

AJ Styles Entrance

Let”s finish this with a bit of AJ Styles’ entrance. The 2KDev Instagram shared this to a thunderous applause from the Internet. There is no doubt that Styles ? the new WWE World Champion ? will be one of the most played superstars in this year’s game.

WWE 2K17 will be released on October 11. The game will come out on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Fans that pre-order the game can play as Goldberg. The NXT edition comes with Apollo Crews, Nia Jax and NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

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