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WWE 2K17: Major Gameplay Changes Announced

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After two weeks? worth of roster reveals, 2K Games has finally started discussing some of the new gameplay elements in WWE 2K17. Fans already know about the new promo engine as well as the removal of the 2K Showcase, but now we have new details about how the game’s in-ring mechanics differ from last year’s excellent game.

First off, Ladder Matches have now been completely overhauled, so now they are less complicated and are easier to win. When fans place it in the center of the ring, it is now perfectly set, so players do not have to worry about setting up the ladder and climbing it, only to see that they’re pretty far from the title or suitcase, as revealed on IGN.

Ladder matches are also more brutal this year, as players can now set them as a bridge from the apron to the outside barrier. This has been used for memorable spots in the past, like Jeff Hardy’s insane leap to Edge from Wrestlemania 23 or Sheamus Powerbombing Sin Cara through a ladder in the 2011 Money in the Bank event.

WWE 2K17 will also have much improved multi-man matches. While it’s not yet known if players can turn on eliminations like in previous games, there is now a new Rollout feature that forces superstars to roll to the outside after taking a certain amount of damage. When they roll out, they can recover from damage and choose to go back to the ring immediately or wait a bit to get a buff so that the player can dish out some serious damage to the other superstars.

Backstage Brawls have also returned to the delight of many. Players have a choice of competing in Backstage Brawls as a separate match type where the only way to win is to KO the opponent or go to the backstage area during any type of No DQ match. It definitely brings variety to the game’s various extreme rules matches and should be fun to partake in.

Taunting has also been modified and actually play a bigger role in the ring. Players can use them as a damage boost or as a way to get more momentum from the match. It makes the payoff for each taunt worth it, and they should be more fun to execute now.

Add the submission system from last year’s game, which can be replaced by the button mashing submissions from previous titles in the options menu, and it seems like WWE 2K17 will do its predecessor proud. The game comes out on October 11 for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Players can pre-order any version of the game to get Goldberg as a special character. ?

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