WWE 2K17 Hall Of Fame Showcase: All DLC Entrances Leaked By Modders

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wwe 2k17 hall of fame showcase

In an interesting bit of news, most of the entrances for the WWE 2K17 Hall of Fame Showcase were leaked. While the DLC pack still has no official release date, modders were able to find its data, showing the entrances. For the most part, these entrances look pretty cool, while the new arenas should add some variety to matchups.

Fans can thank YouTube personality Pozzum for the leaked character entrances, all of which are from the PC version. Most of the music has been drowned out by crowd reaction, which was done to avoid any issues with WWE. Still, seeing these entrances is cool and a number of the character models are excellent, which should please fans.

Making Their Way To The Ring…

Albert, The Freebirds, The Von Erichs and more can be seen below, though all of them are solo entrances. Expect new tag team entrances as well when the WWE 2K17 Hall of Fame showcase DLC officially comes out. While some of the entrances are already in the game — Big Show ‘99 and 80’s Sting for example — most of them are new to the game.

Like in the previous years, the DLC character models are some of the best, most likely due to the extra time. While some of them pale in comparison to the models in the Future Stars Pack, most of them are pretty good. Both Jacqueline and Ivory look stunning in their entrances, while new skins for Ric Flair and DDP also fare well.

Expect The Expected

Having new characters and arenas to use is nice as well as a proper Showcase mode that should be fun. What fans are also excited to see are the new moves that come with the DLC pack, which should all have nice animations. Don’t expect as many moves as say the New Moves DLC, but there should be a substantial amount.

Expect a few more patches here and there to fix any issues with the game before 2K decides to focus solely on the next game. We can expect that sometime this October or November, leaving plenty of time for players to have fun with the WWE 2K17 Hall of Fame Showcase. Hopefully, 2K Games improves on some of the game’s weaknesses as well as its strengths.

WWE 2K17 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. The season pass is US$29.99 and gives players access to most of the multiplayer modes.

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