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WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack Trailer Leaked! DLC Release ‘Coming Soon’, Says 2K

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In surprising news, the WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack trailer was leaked ahead of its release. There is no way the trailer is fake, since the character models shown were of exceptional quality. Also, each superstar has a specific entrance, titantron and moves, so there is no way a fan faked it.

Further proof of the leak can be seen on the 2K Twitter account, where they answer questions regarding the release. While the account seems to be confused with the leak, they did state that the DLC would be “coming soon.” That’s great news for WWE fans, since the trailer makes each star look fun to play as.

Get Hyped, Stay Hyped

Curious players can look at the trailer here, thanks to WWE fan and YouTube personality Tony Pizza Guy. Tye Dillinger, Austin Aries, Mojo Rawley and The Club are all seen and featured in the said trailer. Disappointingly, Aries and Rawley don’t have any entrance attires, but at least their character models look great.

We even get to see some of their moves in action, which is a bit unexpected, yet delightful. Dillinger hits the Tye Breaker on Samoa Joe, Austin Aries nails his Discus Elbow on Hideo Itami and more. Overall, fans will definitely be pleased with the WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack, which should come out soon.

How Soon Is Soon?

At the end of the trailer, it is stated that the DLC pack will be available today, which excited fans. However, the trailer was leaked and wasn’t supposed to come out today, so the DLC will not be available yet. 2K Games said that it would be out soon, but they didn’t point out how soon it will be out.

If we had to take any guesses, the WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack will likely come out this week. The fact that there is a trailer already shows that 2K Games is ready to bring these characters to the ring. Here is hoping that the upcoming Hall of Fame Showcase isn’t far behind, since that’s the only story mode.

WWE 2K17 is available now. Most of the DLC can be obtained via the season pass, including the Future Stars Pack. The only exceptions are the Goldberg and NXT DLC.

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