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WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack: Is The DLC Worth It?

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After two DLC packs, fans are now patiently waiting for the WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack. This seems to be the DLC pack fans are most anticipating, since it adds five up and coming superstars to the game. However, some fans are wondering if the DLC will be worth the US$29.99 season pass, since it?s US$4.99 more than the pass last year.

The five superstars are Austin Aries, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Mojo Rawley and Tye Dillinger. We recently guessed what their overall ratings would be and now we wonder if these five are worth purchasing.

Why They?re Worth The Purchase

First, four of the five grapplers in the WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack have never been in a WWE game. Using these stars will feel refreshing and should put a smile on the faces of many a WWE fan. Since most of these characters haven?t been in a WWE game, they should also have some of the best character models in the title.

Also, these new characters should lead to some new moves, which should be fun to use. Fans will likely enjoy using the Magic Killer of Gallows and Anderson, a great tag team move. The addition of Mojo Rawley could also add a new entrance for him and Zack Ryder, along with their tag team finisher.

Why They Aren?t Worth The Purchase

While the WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack is great in concept, some fans will likely skip it, since the content will likely be in the next game. That seems to ring true with each WWE game, as they always keep the DLC moves from previous years. Also, some of the superstars will likely return in the next game.

Admittedly, returning superstars isn?t always the case. Though Los Matadores and the Natural Disasters returned, Roddy Piper and Stevie Ray didn?t. Booker T?s Harlem Heat character model was also removed, which was a shame since it looked great.

WWE 2K17 is available now. Fans that purchased the season pass can gain access to the Legends Pack and New Moves Pack. The NXT and Goldberg packs have to be purchased separately.

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