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WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack DLC: Overall Rating Predictions For New Superstars

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The WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack will be coming out soon, and it has caused some excitement. As most fans know, the DLC pack will be adding five new characters to the game. Players will be able to use Austin Aries, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Mojo Rawley and Tye Dillinger.

While fans wait for the DLC pack to come out, some are wondering what their overall ratings will be. Usually, their ratings will be mixed between their actual skills in the ring and the momentum they?ve built up. Without further ado, here are some guesses on each superstar?s overall rating in the game.

Austin Aries: 85

Though he?s currently injured, Aries was on a solid role when he debuted last year. He scored victories over Baron Corbin and No Way Jose before a planned feud with Hideo Itami was aborted due to both stars getting injuries.

However, he has also lost to Shinsuke Nakamura, who is an 86 in the game. He will likely be the highest rated superstar in the WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack and should be a solid 85. Some fans think this might be too high, since Hideo Itami is just a 78, but they can always up his rating when purchasing the season pass.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows: 82 For Both

Anderson and Gallows have had a rough time in WWE. Their debut was a well done attack on The Usos, but the team has lost just as much as they?ve won since then. Despite currently being on a winning streak, the team has lost plenty of momentum to most fans.

Still, they?ve had a few dominant bookings, so an 82 overall rating each should do the trick. They can?t be better than the higher singles competitors, but they can?t be too low either. 82 should be perfect, though Gallows could get a higher rating due to his size.

Mojo Rawley: 78

Rawley will likely get the lowest rating in the WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack. His current team with Zack Ryder – The Hype Bros – have a number of wins and losses, so they can?t be too high.

Mojo himself is a little green in the ring and needs improvement. A 78 is actually pretty fair, considering how low superstars like Curtis Axel (68) and Bo Dallas (67) are.

Tye Dillinger: 80

From jobber to beloved superstar, Tye Dillinger has had an interesting journey in NXT. While he started as a Heel (bad guy), the fans loved his gimmick and in-ring skills so much that he later became a Face (good guy).

Despite this, he has lost a number of matches, though that has made him an endearing underdog rather than a loser. Having a solid 80 should represent this well.

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