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WWE 2K17 DLC: Goldberg DLC Now Up for Grabs in PS4, Xbox One

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Goldberg Returns to WWE
Goldberg Returns to WWE

WWE 2K17 is now up for grabs on the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live. The first-ever DLC pack has Bill Goldberg as a pre-order exclusive. Now fans can download the character.

The first DLC pack for WWE 2K17 include two former versions of Goldberg on his glory days as WWE and WCW champion. According to reports, the pack also comes with two WCW venues. These are Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc. Both can be used in different game modes.

For interested players, you?ll be able to enjoy the WWE 2K17 latest DLC for $4.99. It will be available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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WWE 2K17 fans are looking forward to witnessing the fight of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in the game. Another thing that keeps gamers hyped up about the DLC pack’s availability is the chance to customize the fight of Lesnar and Goldberg. This can be done only in PS4.

iTech Post noted that the only requirement before Goldberg’s match is that the players must unlock the character first.

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What If You Didn?t Pre-Order Goldberg?

WWE 2K17

There are some things a player needs to do if he did not pre-order Goldberg. When he is utilizing a PS4, a player must check the required files on the Download List of the PlayStation Store. He must download the installation of Goldberg manually.

If you are an Xbox One user, you must check out the Manage Game. That is under the Games section. You will know if and when you have successfully downloaded and unlocked Goldberg because a notification will appear.

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Goldberg’s presence is indeed an exciting event for WWE 2K17 fans. But it should be noted that unlocking him is not easy. Players have to meet the requirements of the game. Players can use Goldberg after installing the DLC pack.?

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