WWE 2K17 DLC: Best And Worst Character Models From The Legends Pack

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While fans wait for the Legends Pack, the first WWE 2K17 DLC pack, some fans managed to get it early. This was likely due to someone in 2K Games releasing it early by accident. Though it can’t be bought right now, fans were able to download them and make videos with the legends.

Like the main game, some of these legendary models are better than others. However, some of them don’t look very good. This has been a problem with the current-gen WWE games since some models are fantastic, while others are mediocre. So without further ado, here are our ranking of the game’s legend models from worst to best.

Brutus ?The Barber? Beefcake

Though he was never a top player, Brutus did have a solid WWE career. He tag teamed with Hulk Hogan a few times and even beat Mr. Perfect in WrestleMania. Despite all of that, he has one of the lamest character models in the WWE 2K17 DLC pack. While other characters look realistic, he does not. Beefcake isn’t the only legend with a bad model, as Ricky Steamboat also has a bad model.

Sycho Sid

A former WWE Champion, Sid’s character model is almost good. The developers made sure to get his attires right, and his moves look great. However, there is something off with the legend’s hair and face. It might not be as bad as Brutus Beefcake’s model, but it’s still disappointing. Some fans have stated that there are better-looking CAWs, which is a painful thing to say.


He might not have ever been a WWE Champion, but Tatanka was a solid midcard act. An actual Native American, Tatanka had some great matches in his WWE career. His character model is pretty solid, though some fans might miss his headgear. It’s a bit awkward, since every other superstar in the game has some sort of entrance gear. Still, he?s a solid character with some neat new moves.

Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine

One of the biggest superstars from the 1980’s, ?The Hammer? has a great character model. 2K Games was able to capture his face perfectly, while his robe would make Ric Flair jealous. Simply put, he?s a great model that deserves to be in the game.

Eddie Guerrero

Viva La Raza! Eddie has the best character model in the game. This isn’t a huge surprise since he is the main reason fans will be getting this WWE 2K17 DLC pack. Nonetheless, Eddie’s model is pretty darn good. Fans will also appreciate his low rider appearing in the game, depending on the arena.

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