WWE 2K17: Brock Lesnar Showcase Mode Confirmed? ?The Beast? Is The Cover Star

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After months of speculation, 2K Games has revealed the cover star for WWE 2K17: ?The Beast? Brock Lesnar. This is the first time Lesnar has been in a cover of a WWE game since Here Comes the Pain on PlayStation 2, which is surprising, since the company has pushed him as a top star ever since he returned in 2012.

Interestingly enough, ?Stone Cold? Steve Austin was the cover star for last year?s game, as he was also the focus of that title?s Showcase Mode. With Lesnar now being the cover star of this year?s game, there is a good chance that this year?s Showcase Mode could center on The Beast?s career.

Lesnar faced many opponents throughout his career, including The Rock, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle. It would be fun to relive these matches in WWE 2K17, especially his epic Iron Man match with Angle during a historic episode of SmackDown.

The Showcase could also give plenty of focus to Lesnar?s recent rivalry with The Undertaker. This would include the controversial moment when Lesnar ended Undertaker?s WrestleMania winning streak. The ?Dead Man? had been undefeated in the event for 21 years but finally lost to Lesnar after three F5s.

While WWE 2K17 could go this route, the developers could add another Showcase like they did in WWE 2K15. It?s not clear who could share a spotlight with Brock Lesnar, though Goldberg and some WCW stars might do. After all, a WCW mode has been requested by WWE?s fanbase, and it would be an interesting set of events to play through.

Fans should keep in mind that this is all speculation and none of the developers have confirmed that Lesnar would be the star of this year?s Showcase Mode, though it looks likely. What has been confirmed, however, is the release date, which IGN revealed was October 11 on all the advertised platforms.

Now, gamers can get ready for October 11 as WWE 2K17 heads to PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on that date. Will Lesnar be the star of the game?s Showcase Mode? 2K Games will probably confirm or deny this before the game is released. Those who pre-order the game can get Bill Goldberg as a special playable character.

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