WWE 2k16 Review Round-Up: Ambitious Game Regains Its Splendor

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WWE 2k16 has a lot to prove as last year?s game was considered a major disappointment by critics. This year?s title tries to remedy the criticisms of their last game by bringing back the content they removed from WWE 215 and dramatically increasing the available features. The question now is if there is quality behind the slew of features that developer 2k has crafted?

WWE 2K16 Review

This year?s wrestling game from 2k looks phenomenal especially when you consider that over 100 divas and superstars have been faithfully recreated with each wrestling animation looking tack sharp, Bleacher Report stated in their review. The character models of a few wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, however, doesn?t look on-par with others.

The gameplay mechanics might still look the same but the game actually sees tons of small tweaks in different aspects that it makes the game feel like a new beast, Tech Times stated in their review. The game actually now feels a bit more strategic with the implementation of a new reversal where there is now a meter that limits how many reversals you can do in a match. Now that reversals are limited, the devs made reversals more powerful and you can no longer just recklessly mash the reversal move as using either minor or major reversals drains your reversal meter.

WWE 2K16 Review Round-Up

Are you still skeptical of buying this year?s title? Here are a few scores and verdict from critics to help you decide you the game deserves your time and money:

Cheat Code Central (90/100): WWE 2K16 does so many things right that a little forgiveness is in order. Everyone involved seems to recognize that mistakes were made with WWE 2K15 and went out of their way to send the series in the complete opposite direction. The disconnect between character’s appearances and occasional stiffness speaks more to a lack of polish than effort, and the result is a generally positive experience that helps renew faith in yearly WWE installments. In fact, WWE 2K16 is so comprehensive, I imagine people will have trouble finding reasons to upgrade to WWE 2K17 next year.

Bleacher Report (84/100): As it stands, most virtual?WWE?fans will enjoy?WWE?2K16.?The options are great, and the game is a success visually. The only quip many may have is based on the similarities to old?WWE?games and legacy restrictions that still exist in?gameplay. It seems the?Yukes?development team and 2K may have taken the current engine as far as it can go with this entry. While the game is good now, the only way for it to get to a point where it’s outstanding might be to rebuild the engine into a more free-flowing, less-restricted combat experience.

Wrestling Inc (80/100): All in all, there were significant improvements and fixes to this game. Last year’s edition was an all-time bad pro wrestling game, and WWE 2K16 is more than solid choice. I enjoy the realism of the game, but sometimes the gameplay gets too slow due to selling, which may end up being a good thing, since you can’t spam German Suplexes anymore. I’d recommend this purchase, even if you were jaded by last year’s terrible output.

Game Revolution (80/100): With the new limited reversal system and a much higher overall production value, WWE 2K16 is the competent fighter we always knew it could be. The fuller roster and a wealth of creation modes mark this year’s installment as a notable comeback for the series. Only the submission system, the occasional glitch, and the some issues with the UI for creation modes hold WWE 2K16 back. Otherwise, WWE 2K16 crushes its predecessor with the impact of a Stone Cold Stunner.

Attack of the Fanboy (70/100): WWE 2K16 is an improvement over WWE 2K15 by adding many of the lost features missing from last year’s game. However, it is far from a flawless video game. It is a step in the right direction so hopefully everything turns out perfectly in WWE 2K17.

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