WWE 2K16 Now Available For PC

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WWE 2K16, the fighting game published by 2K Sports is now available for Microsoft Windows. Here?s the new trailer for launch of the PC version.

Along with the full version of the game, the fans get all the downloadable content released for the console version for free. The game is available on Steam for a price of $49.99.

The whole list of extra goodies fans get is down below.

  • ???????Full game
  • ???????Accelerator, allowing instant access to all unlockable content
  • ???????New moves pack (including the Corner Enzuiguri, Sidewinder Suplex, and Dragon Sleeper
  • ???????Legends pack (including ?Rowdy? Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Big Boss Man, Lita, and Trish Stratus)
  • ???????Future stars pack
  • ???????2015 Hall of Fame showcase pack (including playable matches such as Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts and Rikishi vs. The Rock)

WWE 2K features the largest roster in franchise ?history with more than 12 playable characters. The game?s pre-order offered fans to play as global superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, fans can now get hand on the character for free with the PC version.

The game?s Showcase mode features the life and time of wrestling superstar and coverstar Stone Cold Steve Austin. Fans of the attitude era of wrestling can revisit epic matches and moments that changed the face of wrestling forever like the Austin-Mcmahon feud and other career-defining moments from Austin?s career.

MyCareer, WWE 2K?s story mode offers fans a chance to live the dream of being a WWE superstar. Fans can create and customize their own superstar and create their own legend by rising from NXT and becoming a WWE Hall Of Famer.

WWE 2K16 launched on October 27 for the PS4 and Xbox One. Critics praised the ?deep roster? and the variety of modes on offer in the game. The game?s PS4 version has a score of 73 on Metacritic.

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