WWE 2K16 News: New Creation Trailer Released, But Created Superstar EIC Displeased With Game? Find Out Why

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A new WWE 2K16 trailer was released today showing various the creative ways you can customize not only your superstars and divas, but also numerous others such as creating your ring entrances and a new create-a-show. Here are all the details we spotted in the creation suite trailer.

WWE 2K16 News: Creation Suite

Create-A-Superstar And Create-A-Diva: There are a total of 5 categories for customizing your wrestler?s face namely face template, skin color, hair & facial parts, face photo capture, and face deformation. There is a point system to determine how many features you can put on your created wrestler. You can easily morph specific body parts of your wrestler with a 4 sided tile that where you can lean towards looking buff, fat, lean, or slim.

Create-A-Championship: You can adjust the dimensions of designs that you put on the championship belt. You can overlap the designs.

Create-An-Arena: This feature looks phenomenal as you can put different designs across various parts inside as well as outside the ring. You can also place structures itself outside the ring and change the colors and dimensions.

Create-An ?Entrance: You can tailor the entrance of your superstar to look like other wrestler?s entrance. You can also change the stage movie display. Other tweaks you can make are changing the lighting, putting pyros and screen effects. Editing the entrance also looks seamless as there isn?t much loading time and you can probably edit the entrance as you preview.

Create-A-Show: This new feature lets you design the preview match-up screen of the two fighters. You can put various colorful and wacky design such as a starry background and a full-on pink design.

EIC Displeased

The editor-in-chief and co-founder of Giant Bomb, Jeff Gerstmann, was displeased after he was included in the original creation suit trailer (Hat Tip Polygon). Gerstmann?s alter-ego, Dr. Tracksuit, was created via the Create-A-Superstar and shown in the trailer. You can see him at around 1:19 in the video below.

The likeness was first discovered by Alex Navarro of Giant Bomb. Gerstmann was displeased upon finding out about this. Developer 2k has now upped a new creation suit trailer that excludes Dr. Tracksuit.

WWE 2K16 will be released on October 27 for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. You can play the demo via Walmart and developer 2k Games? ?Early Access Tour?. You can also nab Arnold Schwarzenegger?s Terminator as a playable character by pre-ordering the game, and if you live in India, you can win a replica of a WWE championship belt.

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