WWE 2K16 News: Mobile Creation Studio, New Match Types Revealed In Early Beta

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Tons of WWE 2K16 news has surfaced especially now that the game will be officially released tomorrow. Developer 2K has detailed companion mobile Creation Studio and new match types were revealed in an early access version of the game. Tons of new features were also discovered in the early access copy, and here are all the WWE 2K16 News you should know:

WWE 2K16 News: Creation Studio

2K looks to make creating a wrestler that looks like yourself or your friends easily by using the Creation Studio. The Creation Studio is available for both Android and iOS devices. This can also be used to place any logos on your created Superstars and Divas, 2k said. It can also be used to place logos on Arenas, Shows, and championships.

The Creation Studio app will not coincide with the release of the game. 2K did not specify the exact date when the app will be released but only said that it will ?release shortly? the game releases. Here are some photos of the app as posted by 2K.

wwe 2k16 Creation Studio


wwe 2k16

wwe 2k16 creation studio

New Match Types

An early version of WWE 2K16 has been released to select people and fans have been in a treat to watch early uncut footage of the game such as last time?s full gameplay of MyCareer mode. A new early access gameplay video has again been posted by YouTube user CMPuLs3 showing several new match types, Attack of The Fanboy reported. Here are all the match types in the game shown so far as lifted from Attack Of The Fanboy, but take note that some of these can only be done in Exhibition mode.

WWE 2K16 Match Types

All the match types in the game. Screenshot of YouTube clip from CMPuLs3.

  • One-on-One: Normal, Falls Counts Anywhere, Iron Man, Submission, Extreme Rules, Table, No Holds Barred, Last Man Standing, Ladder, TLC, Steel Cage and Hell in a Cell.
  • Two-on-Two: Normal, Extreme Rules, Steel Cage, Elimination Tag, Elimination Tornado Tag, Hell in a Cell.
  • Handicap: One-on-Two tag, One-on-Three tag.
  • Triple Threat: Normal, Extreme Rules, Steel Cage, Hell in a Cell, Ladder, Table, TLC.
  • Fatal-4-Way: Fatal-4-Way, Fatal-4-Way Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, Hell in a Cell, Ladder, Table, Steel Cage.
  • 6-Man: Tag-Team, Elimination Tag, Battle Royal, Elimination Chamber, Hell in a Cell, Ladder.
  • Tournaments: Gold Rush, King of the Ring, Tag-Team
  • Royal Rumble: 10-Man, 20-Man, 30-Man.

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