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WWDC 2016: Top 5 Most Important Announcements

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If you were not there at the anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2016) or if you did not catch it live, fret not. We will deliver you some of important announcements from the event. Here?s a great video put together by CNet that sums up the announcements:

Apple is taking a lot of flack these days for their apparent lack of innovation as pointed out by this article from 9to5Google. It is quite ironic, but there are salient points that we could not deny. Stephen Hall calls the whole WWDC 2016 shebang an Apple catching up to Google. Here are the top announcements that look like a ?catch up? by Apple to Google.

WatchOS 3

One positive improvement for WatchOS is that it will feature fast loading apps. There is also a dock for user?s favorite apps. It will be accessible through a side button on the watch. A new feature that was announced was WatchOS 3 allows for a handwriting/scribble support. Your watch would be able to understand English and Chinese. As pointed out by Stephen Hall of 9to5Google, this is quite similar to what Google announced last month for Android Wear 2.0.


For tvOS, Apple introduces a feature called single sign-on. This allows one to sign-on and authenticate themselves to access other TV apps. Also, Siri can now help pull up YouTube videos as it now supports voice searching. Again, this is kind of a catch up as AndroidTV had this sort of function already since its launch.

Apple TV Remote Control

Now, the company introduces a TV remote control app of iOS. This replicates the function of the Siri-based remote of the fourth-generation Apple TV.


OS X is now called MacOS. The latest version will come with Siri which will be called MacOS Sierra. One cool thing with this new update is that one can unlock Macs to be unlocked using Apple Watch. As pointed out by Hall, this has been done already by Chromebooks and its Smart Lock feature.

iOS 10

Siri is now available for third-party developers. This means that this upgrade will get Siri to make Skype calls and book Uber rides for you. This again is a catch-up tactic, according to Hall, as Google has already been doing this with its Google Now voice assistant. This could be trivial, but Apple also introduced a home App where you can control your smart home.

Is it really true that the giant innovator is turning into a challenger trying to catch up on innovation? ?What do you make of the announcements? Leave your comments below.

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