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WW3 News: South China Sea Dispute, US & Japan vs China & Russia, Taiwan Joins the Fray

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Tensions in the South East Asian region rise even more with the recent international fiasco that China, Russia, Taiwan and the U.S. have been up to these recent weeks. With the stakes and regional instability at an all-time high, the South China Sea disputes could potentially trigger world war three.

US & Japan

Old enemies become close allies. Recently, the interest of Japan and America have been closer than ever. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden had a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The meeting was a New York last Wednesday.

Essentially. the meeting was primarily focused on the South China Sea regional disputes. The result of the meeting ended with a new joint understanding that Both the U.S. and Japan will work together to address the South China Sea disputes.

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The meeting doesn?t affirm anything new between the new nations but strengthens the alliance. The new agreement shall result in greater coordination between Japan and the U.S.


China-Russia Alliance

An unofficial surprise alliance, however, has sent shockwaves around the world. Just recently, the Hague ruling in favor of Philippine?s claim over China triggers a sudden joint naval military exercise initiated by Russia in the region.

The sudden military exercise with China is claimed to be neutral in nature without sending any intent towards other nations. However, it is pretty apparent that this is Russia?s way of showing support to China when push comes to shove.

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The two countries have never had a formal announcements of having an alliance together. But this sudden show of strength only makes the true relationship of these two countries ever clearer.


Taiwan Joins In

To add to the regional instability, it appears Taiwan is getting ready to join the fray as well. It?s been revealed that Taiwan has recently been working on their own military bases around the region. ABC reported that Taiwan had even asked Google to conceal what may be incriminating photos over the country?s structures at Itu Aba.

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With so much tension happening in the South East Asian region and the increasing number of countries getting involved, let?s all hope world war three isn?t just around the corner.

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